A New Start

I started this blog on 1 Jan 2013 to share ideas with you on how to change your life.  However, my life itself was changed itself by something that I couldn’t control.  Like I mentioned in my last post, I have overcome the obstacle but there are other challenges.  I shall be talk about some […]

I am back! Time to restart all over again!

When I decided to start this blog on the first day of this year and named it Change Your Life in 2013, little did I realize that my life itself was going to change drastically too.  After faithfully writing a post every day until 23 Jan 13, something bad happened to me which took away […]

How to turn anger into friendliness

When a person is angry with you, it is usually because of one of several reasons.  He could be angry because of something you have said or done, or he could be angry because of something he thinks you have said or done.  Sometimes, he may be upset with another person or other matters but […]

Make important people listen to you

Speaking to an important group of persons is just a glorified person-to-person conversation.  The difference is that your listeners talk back to you with a nod or a shake of the head, a smile, a scornful look, or by clapping or napping.  Many top management people consider good communication skills a foremost quality if you […]

How to know instantly whether other people are lying to you

The oldest form of  communication is non-verbal behaviour, what is commonly known as body language.  Man has used non-verbal signals to transmit messages to other people since the beginning of time.  We subconsciously read other people’s non-verbal signals and often get it right, but this skill has fallen into misuse.  One thing to note too is […]

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