Make your husband or your wife more loving and caring towards you

Make your husband or your wife more loving and caring towards you

Many people don’t know this very important secret but the best way to be loved is to bestow love.  To give love.  If you want your spouse to love you more than they appear to be at present, then the important thing is to take a genuine interest in them.  This means to listen to them, understand them, be warm, supportive and non-possessive.  Don’t put them in chains and inhibit them from revealing thoughts that are unflattering to you – try to make your love as unconditional as possible.

Show that you care by doing little things for them – making coffee in the morning, arranging outings or entertainment.  Buy them little things which connect in a personal way and show that you think about them.  There is no need to buy expensive things. An out-of-season present (one that is not socially obligatory) counts for more than the ritual gifts of Christmas or birthday.  Initiate little sexual escapades at “inappropriate” times.  Don’t always leave it to your partner to put you in the mood, and don’t allow sex to become routine in style, location or time of day.  Actually, the rules for enjoying love are the same as those for enjoying life itself.  Be fun, play games, retain a sense of humour, and of childlike excitement with the world.  Use your imagination to breathe life into routine situations.

To maintain love for any length of time, it is necessary to beware of the green-eyed monster.  Jealousy should be avoided as far as possible, or at least the righteous display of it.  Jealousy is natural and fairly universal, but it is seldom attractive and often destructive.  Remember that it is a selfish, childish emotion that needs to be contained, not something to be proud of.  Your spouse will soon cease to love you if they begin to see you as bent on curbing their freedom, adventure and pleasure in life.

Be prepared for your relationship to evolve from teenage mania and entrancement to adult warmth and companionship.  Try to turn your lover into a friend if you wish to be with them forever.  You should learn to control jealousy, but on the other hand you should not provoke jealousy in your partner unnecessarily by cruel deceit and humiliation.  Consider their feelings, keep them reassured and never underestimate their intelligence, awareness or sensitivity.

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