And Get More Dates Than You Can Handle!

Whether you’re already a funny person or you don’t have a single funny bone in your body, this report will show you how to be funny and make people around you laugh, enjoy your company more, and even become attracted to you.

It’s actually pretty easy when you learn how. So, let’s jump right in, shall we…?

Why Laughter

When surveyed, most people – especially women – always list “sense of humor” as one of the most important and attractive qualities they’d like their potential mate to have.

Most women love to laugh and they can’t help but be drawn to a guy that can make them laugh.

Moreover, very few guys can really make a woman laugh. Most guys only think they’re funny. Sure, they may be funny to their guy friends, but women will only laugh at their jokes to be polite or to not hurt their feelings.

(You are about to set yourself apart from these ‘clowns’ – with the help of this special page)

The best public speakers also often open their talks with a joke. Because, when you can get a person to laugh, it opens them up, relaxes them, and gets them in a more receptive mood.

Laughter gets people to have more fun, let down their hair, and just enjoy the moment. Most of their cares, worries and concerns just seem to fade into the background.

Most importantly, when people are laughing with you, they are obviously enjoying your company. And, oftentimes, they want more of what you’ve got. They want the good feelings and fun times to continue.

Laughter isn’t enough to make a woman feel romantically attracted to you, but it’s a really great start.

(By the way, I will show you what else you can do, after you’ve made them laugh, in order to attract them to you, even further.)

Comedians Aren’t Funny

So, right about now, you may be thinking…”All this is fine, but I’m just not a naturally funny guy.”

You know what? It doesn’t matter!

You don’t have to born funny in order to be funny. Like most other things in life, humor can also be developed. You can learn to be funny.

Let’s take comedians, for example. These are people whom we view as being the funniest people in our existence.

Yet, most comedians are not funny at all when they’re not performing on stage. This may surprise many people to find out, but it’s true.

Very few comedians are naturally funny, even when they’re not trying to be. Guys like Jim Carrey and the late Robin Williams come to mind.

But… even Robin Williams doesn’t do 100% of his shows spontaneously. His shows, as well as his TV appearances, are planned out in advance.

In fact, I once saw him use the same joke, repeatedly, on 5 different talk shows that he appeared on.

My point is, some of the funniest people alive actually work on being funny! They plan what to say in advance.

So, don’t feel like you have to be naturally funny, if you aren’t already. You can do the same as what the experts out there are doing, which is prepared ahead. I’ll talk more about this soon.

If You Don’t Laugh Much…Or At All

Okay… if you’re not naturally a funny person, that’s okay. It’s not really a big deal.

But… if you just aren’t someone who laughs all that much, if at all, whether it is because of your personality or because of too much stuff going on in your life…

you’ve got a serious problem! And, it needs to be addressed immediately.

You’re taking life way too seriously. And, it’s going to have a negative effect in your life (if it hasn’t already,) including your relationships, your health, and maybe even your wealth.

You’re going to repel opportunities, as well as beautiful women, away from you – without even trying. And, you’re also going to cause your body to age faster, by not releasing the tension and stress with regular laughter.

Life is to be enjoyed. I don’t care how bad you think you may have it, there’s someone out there who is doing 10 times worse than you are. So, snap out of it.

Yes, we all have jobs/businesses, bills, and all the challenges and responsibilities that life throws at us. But, if you can’t take the time out to laugh, you’re going to be miserable, no matter how successful you become or how much money you make.

So, change that now. Start laughing more. And if you’re one of those people who rarely think anything is funny, start looking for more things that you find funny.

I’m dead serious about this. This is your life we’re talking about here. If you want to be happier, healthier and enjoy life as much as possible, you need to start laughing more.

And…you need to start making other people around you laugh more, especially your friends and loved ones.

Life is too short, and too darned important, to be spent being grumpy, mopey, angry and/or sad.

I strongly encourage you to start doing this right away – starting today. Not only will you find more joy in life, you may even extend your life! Plus, you will bring some joy to other people’s lives too!

Warning: By the way, if you happen to run into a woman that fits the above description, i.e. she just can’t seem to laugh at anything, run in the opposite direction! Avoid her like the plague. Seriously. (I’ll talk more about this later.)

Okay…moving on…

10-Second Quick Start

My guess is that you don’t want to spend months or even years in learning how to be funny. You probably want to start using this stuff right away and making women laugh. So, we’ll start there…

As I mentioned earlier, even some of the best comedians come prepared. They put together a “set” or a “bit”, they memorize it, and then they deliver it to an audience.

You can use that same simple strategy to be funny almost instantly. You simply have to put together your own “canned” material that you can pull out of your bag of trick whenever you want.

Important: While I will give you some examples of funny stuff to say throughout this report, I am not going to give you everything, word-for-word. There’s a very good reason for that which I will go over soon. Trust me, you’ll actually do better if I don’t give you my stuff but instead teach you to compile your own.

One of the things you can do right away is to get a notepad and start compiling a list of one-liners. (I recommend that you have a note specifically for writing down your jokes, one-liners, funny stories, and all your comedy material. Do not use this notepad for anything else.)

In this notepad, start writing some of the funny lines from your favorite funny movies, TV shows, etc. Shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy are great for this. Also, you can get some great ideas and examples from The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

And, of course, you can simply search the Internet for quotes from the above shows as well as the most recent jokes that are circling around.

I’ll give you more specific examples of what to use, later, but for now just start with your favorite shows and the Internet.

You will also do well to start a section in your notepad titled, “Situational Openers.” In this section, I’d like you to start sub-sections of places that you frequent the most.

For example, you could have a section for a grocery store, coffee shop, bank, post office, concerts, etc. And you can also have a section simply titled, “Long Lines” which would cover any and all of the above places as well as the typical “long line” locations like the DMV, supermarket, etc.

Next, you’d want to note down some funny stuff you could say in each of those locations that would be unique to those places.


If there’s a holdup at the grocery store’s “quick checkout” aisle, where their slogan is “3 is a crowd,” you could say something like “Uh…10 is a crowd.” You will likely get some laughs.

At the DMV, you could say something like, “I think by the time I get to the front of the line, my license will completely expire.”

In a slow-moving line at any of the above locations, you could say…

“I should have camped out here overnight.”
“It took me less time to watch a Bollywood movie.”
“I think I have aged quite a bit since I first got into this line.”

None of the above are super funny lines. But, they will get things started and maybe loosen up the crowd a little bit.

More importantly, they will make you look like someone who is funny without forcing the issue…not someone who is simply saying stuff to appear funny. (More on this later.)

If You’re Nervous…

Many guys get nervous when talking to someone new. That’s okay. (If you happen to be a naturally funny guy, and are able to be spontaneously funny around your friends and family, you may still want to take the advice given below…)

First of all, remember that these people are strangers – and there’s a pretty good chance that you will never see them again for as long as you live.

Secondly, when you’re starting out with this “funny guy” training, you are not expected to perform a 30-minute, stand-up comedy routine for anyone. So, relax.

All you have to do, for starters, is to say one funny line that you will have taken the time to prepare in advance.

If your target audience laughs, great. When you leave, just smile and say, “Have a nice day.”

If the target audience doesn’t laugh, no problem. When you leave, just smile and say, “Have a nice day.”

That’s all.

Remember, you can go to the next location and start all over – with exactly the same material! (That’s what professional comedians do, so why shouldn’t you?”)

Start with just that, for now.

Then, the next day (or next week, or whichever pace you’re comfortable with,) you can open with a joke, get them laughing…and then, you can actually introduce yourself…”By the way, I’m Jack.” (or whatever your name happens to be.)

The next day (or week,) you can actually start a conversation by talking about something safe, like the weather, the location you’re in, the town/city you’re in, a popular news item, etc.

And, if you’re smart, you’ll have some jokes prepared about “current events” …whatever happens to be going on at that time (whether it’s Charlie Sheen, Donald Trump, Brittany Spears’ endless troubles, whatever…)

Before you know it, you’ll be having full on conversations with total strangers. Why? Because you were able to “open them up” with the powerful use of laughter!

By the way, if you get nervous around attractive women, it’s okay because you have prepared your material ahead of time!

You should prepare ahead of time even if you’re a naturally funny guy. Being around an attractive woman can make any guy nervous at times, so be prepared – just in case.

Be ready with some “canned” material to get you started. As she starts to laugh, you’ll become more comfortable and confident…and, as a result, become funnier, continue the conversation, etc.

Mental Preparation

Have you ever noticed how some people are able to get a laugh by saying the simplest of things? Those same things that wouldn’t have any effect on people if others said them – word for word?

Of course, there are some professionals who practice their lines over and over until they are just perfect. I’m not talking about those guys.

I’m referring to guys that could say just about anything and it would get a laugh. Some of them aren’t even aware that they’re being funny or have no intention of making others laugh. It just happens.

How do these ‘funny guys’ do it, and how can you steal their secret? It’s actually very simple – and it has to do with your “frame of mind.”

You see, our minds are more powerful than most of us realize. New studies and discoveries about the mind are made all the time that simply baffles and amazes the experts.

Your ‘frame of mind’ can significantly affect your outcomes, and even the reactions you get out of others.

Your mental state is infectious. If you happen to be genuinely happy at the moment, you’ll notice others feeling better than they already were. If you’re down, upset or sad, you’ll bring everyone else around you down too.

Similarly, if you’re genuinely having fun and coming from a fun, joking, and jolly place (internally,) you will affect the moods of people around you. And…everything you say or do will be surrounded by a fun, happy, and jovial energy.

In short, if you’re genuinely having fun, others will have fun with you too. They won’t be able to help themselves but be sucked into your energy.

So…what you need to do is, before you leave the house to go out and make women laugh, watch or read something super funny. Something that will have you cracking up and even make your eyes watery with laughter.

Do whatever it takes to get yourself laughing hysterically, first. Look up jokes online, call a few friends and have them tell you their funniest jokes or experiences, whatever. Just get in the laughter “frame of mind.”

Here’s what’s also very cool…from this humorous frame of mind, you can even deliver a funny joke or one-liner in a very dry sort of way and it will still get a much better response from others than it would have otherwise.

And, lastly, here’s a little secret that many professional comedians use before they go on stage…

They visualize their audience laughing hysterically at all of their jokes. They do this because it works!

Picture that scenario as vividly as you can in your mind before you leave the house. Make it as real in your mind as you can by adding in all the senses (sounds, smells, visual, etc.)

The results you get will amaze you.

This Is Your Show…You’re In Charge!

While we’re on the subject of adopting the proper mindset, here’s something extremely important for you to understand and always keep in mind.

This is your show. And you can make it turn out just the way you want.

You are not doing it for other’s approval. You are not making jokes to get the woman to “like” you. That is the worst mindset you can adopt. Don’t do it.

Here’s an extremely powerful mindset: You are saying something funny to see if the woman has a sense of humor.

You are testing her… to see if she is right for you. To see if she measures up to your standard. Not the other way around.

You see, most guys try to impress the woman, or try to make her like him. They’re doing this to get her approval. That is the kiss of death and you should never do that.

Remember, you’re being funny to see if she is good enough for you.

If she doesn’t laugh at something that is genuinely funny, something that would make most people laugh, then you don’t want to pursue that woman anyway. She’ll probably make you more miserable by being in your life.

The best women out there are the ones who love to laugh, can laugh at themselves and at others, and are just fun-loving people in general.

Those are the kinds of woman you want to date, be intimate with, and maybe even have a relationship with. Forget the rest of them! Let them drown in their own misery. Don’t let them infect your life in any way.

So…don’t do this for anyone else. Do it for you.

By learning to be funnier, you’re improving yourself! You’re learning to be more fun and enjoy life more. Everything and everyone else comes second, they’re just a positive bi-product of your being funny and loving life.

And that is why being in a “funny” frame of mind is so important before you leave the house.

Oh, by the way, not every girl out there is for you. Some girls just aren’t a match for you. In fact, they are totally wrong for you! And you’re not a match for them either. So, don’t waste your (or their) time if you’re clearly not right for each other.

Just focus on the women that think you are funny. Focus on the ones that laugh at similar things as you.

If she laughs and different things, then why should you change yourself for someone else? You don’t owe anybody that, and nobody owes you that either.

So remember…

You should only change yourself for the better! Become a better person, develop new skills, etc.

But, do it for yourself, not for other people. Do not change just to impress or cater to another person – especially not another woman.

If you do that, she may enjoy it or be entertained by it momentarily. But, in the long run, and deeper down in her mind, she will lose respect for you.

This is something guys really need to understand. It’s vitally important, yet most guys don’t get this at all.

The above reason is also why women don’t care for “nice guys.” Because nice guys are always doing everything they can to cater to the woman. They put the woman first and themselves last. No sane woman can respect that.

She may enjoy all the benefits, but in the end, she won’t respect you for it because you’ve put her on a pedestal and yourself below her feet. No woman can respect a man who allows her to call all the shots and let her walk all over you.

If You Don’t Have A Single Funny Bone In Your Body…

Okay…what if you appreciate humor and can laugh hysterically at funny things…but…you don’t believe that you can make others laugh. You don’t believe that you can tell a joke, even if it’s the simplest, shortest, most basic joke in existence.

There’s actually an easy fix for that.

You can become a lot funnier by simply imitating your favorite comedian (or actor.) Mimic your favorite funny man, whether it’s a celebrity, your best friend, or that funny guy from work.

Pretend you’re an actor, and your role is to play your funniest character – whether it’s Jim Carrey or Chris Rock or Robbin Williams or someone you know personally, or whomever.

Imagine stepping into this person’s body and taking over his life. Please don’t take this lightly. This is actually very powerful – it’s what some of the best actors do to prepare for their roles.

The reason you want to pick someone that you think is the funniest person (and not what others think is funny) is because you want to fit this character to your own existing personality, style or at least taste.

When you do the above, it will also automatically put you in the right frame of mind. You won’t have to work at it. Consider that a powerful bonus.

What NOT To Do

We’ve discussed one of the biggest no-no’s earlier…which is, don’t become a clown or a dancing monkey for her. Remember, you’re not being funny to get her approval; you’re doing it to test her for a sense of humor.

And, you’re also doing it because you are already in a fun, joking, cheery mood.

In addition to the biggie above, there are a few other things that you should be careful not do.

Situations to Avoid

There are certain situations and settings where making a joke rarely works.

For instance, you wouldn’t try to make people laugh at a funeral setting, especially if the person you’re heading for is crying her eyes out.

For one, it probably wouldn’t pull her out of a highly emotional state. Secondly, everyone around you may view you as insensitive.

It can be done, mind you. But, when you’re just starting out with developing your humor, it’s probably best to go easy with those kinds of situations.

The same goes for a person, or a group of people, that happens to be busy doing something serious, important, time-sensitive, etc. Use your own judgment and sense of observation to decide whether or now it would be appropriate to distract them with laughter.

And of course, if someone had headphones on, is on her cell phone having an intense discussion, or just seems otherwise pre-occupied in a major way, it’s best to move on to someone else.

Here’s the next thing to be mindful of…

You see, when you’re among friends or loved ones, you may tend to joke about anything and everything. And, while that’s fine and good, not all of those jokes may be fit for the rest of the world.

You and your friends/family have a certain level of rapport and history that you don’t have with strangers. And, as such, your friends/family may find some of your jokes hilarious while others may not think it’s all that funny at all.

Additionally, there are certain subjects that you and your friends/family may find humorous that others may actually find offensive.

For example, your best friend may be of a different ethnicity. And while the two of you can totally rip on each other’s ethnicities in a joking manner, that does not mean that other people of the same two ethnicities will find your jokes/comments funny.

They may actually find it very offensive and could even be angered by such jokes or comments.
With that in mind, here’s a quick list of…

Topics To Avoid

Yes, there may be people out there who are overly-sensitive to certain subjects. However, there are also certain subjects that are just downright off-limits, even if you or I may not seem to think so.

So, as a general rule, when talking to somebody you’ve just met, stay away from jokes and topics that are about…

• ethnicities, their stereotypes, their negatives, drawbacks, etc.

• religion, including spirituality and certain practices such as meditation, tai chi, or even vegetarianism, etc.

• politics, specific parties and/or individuals that represent them, etc.

• gender, sexual preferences/orientation, and other such personal subjects.

• sex, sexual innuendos, and anything implying that she’s a sexual object.

I know a few people who make fun of all of the above subjects even though they don’t actually mean any harm to anyone. Regardless, that stuff should be kept among friends, family, etc.

In addition to the above subjects, you may also want to go easy on jokes about yourself or about her.

While making fun of yourself is a great way to loosen people up and make them laugh, be careful not to over-do it. You don’t want to appear as if you have no self-respect at all, or that you hate yourself. That’s not a positive quality for anyone.

Similarly, while it’s okay to poke fun at her, you may want to do that after you’ve made her laugh about something else. And, again, don’t over-do it.

You definitely do not want to make fun of other people’s personal appearance, personality, sense of self or strongly-held beliefs, especially if you’ve just met them. (It can be done effectively in certain scenarios, but you have to be extremely careful with that stuff.)

So… to not come across as insensitive or a jerk, it’s a good idea to…

Start With Universal Subjects

Jokes, one-liners and/or stories that have universal appeal are the best ones to start with. Non-offensive subjects that most people can relate to… like the weather, traffic, crazy drivers, working long hours, not getting enough sleep, bad cell phone reception, dropped calls, Internet service issues, long lines, the rising cost of living, etc… are all great ones to lightly make fun of.

Notice that most of the subjects I just listed above are things that most people may be frustrated about in their lives. Joking about these subjects may actually have the added benefit of shifting people’s perspectives and getting them to laugh about the situation instead of continuing to be frustrated and angry with them.

You already know that laughter can get people to relax and open up more to you. Well, shifting their perspectives and giving them an opportunity to let go of some of their negative emotions will relax and open them up even more!

And, as you get to know them better, you can start joking about some of the subjects that you otherwise may not have been able to, i.e. the stuff listed earlier, in the “Topics to Avoid” section.

Topical References

Using topical references, i.e. whatever’s going on around you, and in the world, is an almost endless resource you can tap, for jokes and funny stuff to talk about. That includes actual news, TV shows, movies, music videos, and so on.

As I’m writing this right now, one of the most popular subjects circling the news and social media sites is Charlie Sheen.

All of his interesting, wacky catch phrases are being used by celebrities as well as the everyday Joe.

Phrases like “winning,” “tiger blood,” “adonis dna,” “Bi-winning,” and so many more are being used by people at almost every opportunity.

Important: You can gladly, and successfully, ride this current wave of Sheenisms. But…these things go ‘out of style’ almost as fast as they come in. So, be sure to get off this wave once it’s on it’s way out. You don’t want to be caught using a joke or phrase that’s ‘old news’ to everyone else. You can also use popular TV commercials. The weirder the commercial, the better are your chances that others will know what you’re talking about. (Remember the talking Chihuahua in Taco Bell’s commercials?)

And, don’t worry…you’ll have an endless supply of funny material to use by simply turning on the news channel…or even better, by watching shows like The Daily Show, Colbert Report, or Talk Soup.

The above 3 shows will pretty much write all the jokes for you. All you’ll need to do is reference some of those jokes and you’ll likely make someone laugh, without trying all that hard.

The Classics

If you want even more material, you can watch popular comedy shows that have been around for a while and still air on TV on a regular basis. Seinfeld is one of my favorites. (“Newman!”) Friends is another one that seems to be on TV all the time. (“How you doin’..”)

Also, the newer shows that are on now…30 Rock, The Office, or whatever your favorite shows are…use them as aids and borrow popular lines/phrases from those shows.

Pay Attention

So, you still want more sources to glean funny material from…

How about using your surroundings…the location, the events happening around you, the people in the area, what they’re doing, talking about, etc. All of these can be sources of entertainment for you and your audience.

All you have to do is learn to pay attention. And it’s much easier to do this when you’re already in the correct frame of mind. (The funny, joking, humorous frame.)

You will also notice funny stuff around you that others may not notice right away – simply because you’re already in the right frame of mind, and they’re not.

A great technique to use is to just start laughing loudly if you notice something funny! Everyone around you will want to know what’s so funny. Their curiosity will get the better of them. Many of them will also want to know what they are missing out on. And people hate missing out on stuff.

(You may think that people will look at you funny if you do the above. But, in fact, they will look at you with envy…they will secretly wish they could be as bold and carefree as you.)

A few quick examples of noticing what’s going on around you…

If you’re standing in line and a woman accidentally bumps into you, or if she moves her arm, etc. and it hit (or almost hit) you, you could say…

You: Owwww… Miss, do you have a license for that weapon? ” Her: [Laughs, gets embarrassed, or both] I’m so sorry!
You: I think I might need an ambulance. Her: [Laughing] I’m really sorry.
You: Do you have insurance?

Actually, you don’t even have to be behind a woman in order to use this one. Just see someone that is making big arm movements while talking to others…and simply pass by them (preferably from behind) so that you’ll get a chance to comment on their “lethal weapon”, i.e. their arm.

If you’re in a store, and you see the same person more than once, in different departments, you could say…

“Are you following me again? I thought the restraining order was pretty clear about this sort of behavior.”

(The above is slightly bolder than most guys are used to, so you’ll have to decide for yourself whether you’re ready to use that or not.)

If someone is wearing something unique, chic, and very feminine, you could say…

“Oh man, I was This close to wearing that same outfit today! That would have been sooo embarrassing…for one of us!”

If she’s got a Hello Kitty purse or bag, etc. you could say… “OMG! I looooove Hello Kitty!!”
She will either laugh at you or give you a strange look (if she thinks you were being serious.) If you get the strange look, you can continue with…

“Oh yeah, my entire room is covered with Hello Kitty stuff. Even my manly car, my manly garage, and of course, my manly tool belt.”

At this point, she’ll realize that you’re joking and smile or laugh. If she still doesn’t, well, she may not be very bright. You can simply say, “Alriiiiighty then…” and move on.

(Later on, I will give you other tools to use if/when your target audience doesn’t respond well.)

Remember, just stay amused. Look for funny things. Laugh. Have fun! And they will too.

If You Bomb…(The Best Comedians Do)

If your attempt at being funny doesn’t work, i.e. if your joke bombs – and it will at some point, do not panic!

And, don’t get embarrassed either. In fact, I want you to expect your jokes to bomb occasionally – and be prepared for it!

So, if the joke doesn’t work, don’t try to save it or explain it. That often backfires. Instead, laugh at yourself…or do something that points out how unfunny that joke was. (That’s what some of the best comedians do, by the way.)

For example, you could pretend you’re making a note on your palm, as you say out loud… “Note to self…don’t take this joke on the road / on tour with me.”

“Oooooh….tough crowd…”

If you’re standing in line, you could make it funnier by saying, “Ooooh…tough checkout line.” If you’re in the store shopping, you could say, “Ooooh…tough aisle.”

This will invariably make them laugh. It will also show them that you’re not afraid to laugh at yourself. Both of these are good.

Let me repeat…do not try to save a failed joke, and definitely do not look like you’re trying too hard to make it work. It looks desperate, uncool, and just plain sad. And, it will have the opposite effect on women than you’d like it to.

She’s Not Your Type If…

I’ve touched on this earlier. If she doesn’t have a sense of humor at all, or just seems to be Ms. Grumpy or Ms. Attitude, leave her to dwell in her own misery. You don’t want to be with someone like that anyway.

It’s also possible that your joke just may not be funny to her. (She may not enjoy the same kind of humor as you.) That’s okay. It just means that the two of you may not be such a great match anyway. So, don’t try to force things.

She may also turn out to be someone who is too sensitive or gets offended too easily, etc. Again, just move on. She’s not for you.

It may also be the case that she just doesn’t laugh much anyway. She’s too serious, or too pre-occupied with her stressful life, or is simply in a bad mood (at the moment or all the time.)

Once again, just move on to the next person. Don’t waste your time on women who can’t laugh. (She doesn’t have to be a comedian herself. But, she should at least be able to laugh at stuff.)

And lastly… also keep in mind that your joke/one-liner just may not have been very funny.

As we talked about earlier, you may occasionally bomb. If that happens, do what I advised in the earlier section.

Also… take this as an opportunity to figure out what you can improve on. Don’t dwell on your ‘bombed’ joke. Just review what happened, and try to figure out whether it was the joke itself, or the way you delivered it, or maybe even the circumstance that it was delivered in.

If you notice anything useful, make a note of it in your journal under the section, “Lessons and Observations.”

Save Some For The Finale

The best comedians understand that they should close on a high note. So, they almost always close their show with one of their best jokes.

Not only does this get the audience to laugh even more, it does something more powerful: it keeps them wanting more! And that’s what they’ll remember at the end…that they couldn’t get enough of that comedian.

You want to do the same thing. You want to leave the woman wanting more of you. So, always keep a few of your best jokes, one-liners, etc. for the end… to close the conversation with.

When you do that, and then say goodbye, she will want the conversation/interaction to continue. And, as she goes on about the rest of her day and week, she’ll keep thinking about you and the realization that she’s left her wanting more of you.

By doing so, you’ve also switched from being just a fun guy to an ‘attractive’ guy. 😉 (Remember, attraction – especially for women – can have almost nothing to do with physical attributes. You’ve witnessed this for yourself every time you’ve seen a super attractive female with an average- or below average-looking guy.)

So, always save some laughs for the very end…and for the next meeting, etc.

Connecting With Her

Okay…so making her laugh can separate you from most other guys – in her eyes! That is a great start, and most guys can only wish they could be where you are right now.

But, laughter is not enough to take you all the way. You want to be able to make an even greater impression on her. You want to show her that the two of you really “connect” on an even deeper level.

That’s what this section will show you how to do. And, boy, it is so much easier to do than you would think, when you use the secrets I’m about to share below!)

Yes, getting her to laugh opens up a great opportunity for you to connect with her better. Most guys will do all kinds of stuff to try to make her more receptive to their advances and flirting. But, nothing gets her there easier and quicker than laughter.

Because, when she’s laughing, she relaxes, she lets go…she’s not in a rigid defensive/on- guard position and frame of mind that most women have to suffer through every time they leave their home. She has let her guard down – temporarily. And, more importantly, on some level she already likes you!

Elicit Her Values

Eliciting her values is a powerful, and quick way to connect with her better than most
guys ever will. If you do it the way I’ll show you how you will have her eating out of your hands!

It’s also a way to get her to talk about her favorite subject: herself! (And almost every woman loves to talk, as well as learn, more about herself.)

Eliciting her values is really quite easy when you know how the process works…

Before we go through the process, let me quickly clarify what a “value” is. Everything we do in life, whether it is to benefit our health, relationships or wealth status, we do it to fulfill our highest values.

For example, when we buy a luxury car, it’s not just because we like the car itself. We ultimately want what the car will give us. We may be doing it to fulfill values such as respect, security, etc. Those, then, are our values that we’re always trying to reach.

Of course, different people have different values, which is why you will have to find out what her values are, i.e. the woman you’ve just made laugh…versus other women out there.

Okay, let’s go through the process of eliciting her values…

First, you will start by asking her about her favorite hobbies or interests. What does she enjoy doing the most, or spending time on the most?

After she tells you what one of her favorite things to do is, acknowledge her answer. (This is very important!) In other words, comment – and if possible, relate – to what she just

For example, if she says one of her favorite things to do is go hiking, you could say, “Oh yeah, hiking is great, isn’t it? For so many reasons…”

Next, you want to find out why she enjoys hiking. (Notice, above, that I said that hiking is great “for so many reasons.” That’s because I don’t want to assume what her reason is. I want her to tell me.)

I would then say, “So, what is it that you enjoy most about hiking?” Let her answer. And, don’t rush her.

If she gives a quick, short answer, you could simply follow up with, “Oh, what do you mean?”…or…”Yeah? Just so I understand, what exactly does that mean? Can you elaborate on that?”…”Oh yeah? What else do you like about it?”

You will keep repeating this process until she gives you one of her values. (Things like:
freedom, safety, security, success, respect, etc.)

In the above case, she may eventually end up telling you that being in nature gives her the feeling of “freedom,” or it makes her feel like she’s “moving forward in life,” etc.

If she is not able to explain or even figure out why she enjoys hiking (or whatever,) she may simply say, “It’s just a lot of fun.” That’s okay. There are some women who simply have not yet figured out what their personal motivators and drivers are. And, she may actually really dig the fact that you’re helping her learn more about herself.

Okay, the next thing you want to do is feed all of her answers back to her, in a (very)
slightly different way.

Example… “Okay, let me see if I got this right…so, you really enjoy hiking because it gives you a chance to be out in nature, out in the open…which allows you to enjoy that sense of freedom. Did I get that right?”

She may say, “YES! That’s it, exactly.” Or, she may give you more info, and even better descriptions and so on. Remember and use everything that she gives you!

Warning: Do not make it seem like you’re interrogating her. That’s why you should
always acknowledge her answer before you ask the next question.

By going through the above “eliciting values” process with her, she will see you as someone who understands her…on a level that most people don’t. And, that’s a very good thing for you! 🙂

You can then move on to her next hobby or interest – and get her to feel all those great feelings all over again.

Important: If you’d like to continue seeing this person, and to continue building that connection you’ve started, you would do well to remember all of the answers (especially her values) that she revealed to you.

Because that stuff is pretty much what makes her who she is. And by talking and revisiting all of those subjects, you will continue to attract her more and more to you, while also making her feel pretty special and appreciated…without having to kiss her butt or buy her stuff (which is what most guys try to do to win her over.) And, the latter almost never works!

So…there you have it. An easy, and almost fool-proof way to get her to want you more and more, with each conversation and meeting.

By the way, remember that you first attracted her by making her laugh hysterically. So, don’t stop doing that. (That’s why I had advised you to save some jokes for later.)

Keep making her laugh. (By the way, the more she likes you, the easier it will be for you to make her laugh even more. Which is also the reason you can be funnier among friends than strangers.)

You can even use some of the details she revealed about you to weave into your material and laughter. In other words, at this point, you can also poke more fun at her, personally, than you could before. (But, don’t make fun of her core values. That’s off limits! You don’t want to offend her.)

What Now…

In just a short amount of time, we have covered quite a lot of ground. You have learned the simple tricks and techniques to become a lot funnier, a lot quicker.

And…even better, you’ve learned a very powerful process of getting her to like you more and more all the time. That is something most guys will never know.

Now, all you really have to do is keep perfecting your craft. Keep learning from some of your best comedians and actors.

Continue to improve your tonality, delivery, as well as your physiology, i.e. your humorous gestures and moves, including your facial expressions. (You’ll notice that the best comedians and actors are great at making you laugh just by having you look at them.)

And of course, as mentioned earlier, take notes – and learn from them. Keep your journal handy, learn from your mistakes.

Dissect why things didn’t work as well last time, or how you could improve on it to make it even better. Do this more as an observer – not as someone who is dwelling on his failures.

Remember, even the best comedians and talk show hosts bomb sometimes. But, they don’t let one bomb ruin their entire set. They keep going, they continue to make more jokes. They laugh at their bombs, even make fun of them. And they keep moving forward.

Keep your eye on the ball and don’t let minor setbacks distract you from your goals. And most importantly, have fun with this stuff! Fall in love with the art of being funny.

Start enjoying making others laugh and helping them let go of their worries and stresses of the day (or life.)

It really is a very fulfilling gig. Plus, it can also supply you with an endless amount of hot dates. 🙂

So, if nothing else, let that end goal motivate you to get out there and take action! Don’t just learn and memorize the advice shared in this report.

Go out there and practice! Start making women laugh. And, watch how they are drawn to you.

Here’s to endless laughs and dates with attractive women.