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How can I get over being in love with someone who has completely rejected me?

My 24-year-old boyfriend ended our six-month relationship in January, yet I’m finding it hard to move on.

One minute, he was telling me how much he loved me and wanted us to get married.

The next, his feelings had changed: he wasn’t happy and couldn’t see where we were going.

It was my first serious relationship and I was his longest girlfriend (his previous ones never lasted more than two months). I really thought I had found The One.

Me being three years older didn’t seem to bother him, although I had thought he was too young for me – and how right I was.

Since our break-up, he’s done nothing but goes clubbing with his mates – which I don’t begrudge since he’s young and entitled to some fun.

I just don’t understand why he spoke of commitment when he wasn’t ready for it.

It’s heartbreaking, even now, when I see him and he refuses to talk to me. He can’t even muster up a ‘hello’ or ask how I am, yet he was so loving and caring during our time together.

We would talk every day and see each other regularly each week. Now it seems he can’t bear to be near me.

I just don’t understand how someone can turn into a complete stranger like this. I love him so much.

It’s killing me to know that it doesn’t seem to bother him that I am feeling dreadful.

When I do see him – and I’ve used all my strength in trying not to talk to him – he stands rooted to the spot staring at me.

These mixed messages are just adding to my confusion. Why does he look at me so intently?

I wish I could get on with my life and forget about him, as so many friends have recommended. But it’s easier said than done.

I have my good days and bad days.

On good days, I can go practically the whole day without thinking about him or worrying what he’s up to.

Bad days, I can’t sleep properly and constantly break down in tears.

I miss him so much and wish I could win him back, but know I have to let him go. If it’s meant to be, he’ll come back in his own time. How can I do this and keep sane?

At this moment I’m feeling so miserable – my life seems nothing without him in it.


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